Map of Tuscany Volterra

Map of Volterra from the Volterra homepage.

Volterra was and is in northern Tuscany. The town of Volterra is the mountain town ans is 40 km from the sea. It was an very important Etruscan center.


Clock Tower in the Piazza dei Priori
(Felicia Gregg: Taken July 1, 2012)

Who Will you meet There?


From the Etruscan archaeological park in Volterra
(Felicia Gregg: Taken July 1, 2012)

The Etruscan controlled Volterra until 298 BCE. After they surendered to Roman rule Every citizen was granted citizen ship. They were a very wealthy society due ti the abundance of resources in the surrounding areas. The people were relatively peaceful until Roman expansion caused internal turmoil. Etruscan influence declined after the 4th century.

How do you get to Volterra?

You get to Volterra by three main roads:  The Cecina, the Colle Val d’Elsa, or the Pontedera. Volterra is 555 meters above sea level and The road can get a little dangerous the higher you go but the visit it worth the trip.

Why would you go to Volterra?


Roman Theater in Volterra
(Felicia Gregg: Taken July 1, 2012)

There was an impressive roman theater. It was funded and built by members of the Caecina family during the Augustan era. The theater is built to take advantage of the hill through northern exposure and exploits the natural shape of the hill to create excellent acoustics. The seats are built into the hill using two different colors of limestone alternating to create a beautiful effect of color. It was excavated in the 1950’s

What was Volterra like?


Volterra country side
(Felicia Gregg: Taken July 1, 2012)

Volterra was an important Etruscan center called Felathri by the Etruscans. When the Roman’s took control of the city they called it Volaterrae. The chief industry in Volterra was alabaster. Alabaster is still a big part of their economy.

The City is surrounded by stone walls and is nuzzled between two rivers, the  Bra and the Cecnina. Because Volterra is on such a high hill you’ll receive a gorgeous view from any point you happen to look. Volterra is surrounded by beautiful and lush country side.

What Happened here?

There are three thousand years of History in Volterra

  • 205 BCE Allied with Rome during the Punis Wars.
  • 298 BCE Scipio control of the city after becoming consul of Rome
  • 80 BCE taken by Sulla after a two year siege
  • Captured by the Florentines in 1254
  • 1472  attempted a rebellion against Florence, it was unsuccessful
  • 1530 The Florentine Repulic fell; the Medici family took control of the city
  • there was over a thousand years of resistance to Christian convergent starting in the 5th century until about 1856 when it came under Pisa suffrage

Volterra in some modern Liturature. 

  • Volterra features in Horatius, the celebrated poem by Lord Macaulay
  • A Tabernacle for the Sun (2005), by Linda Proud, begins with the sack of Volterra in 1472
  • In the Twilight saga (2006), by Stephenie Meyer, Volterra is home to the Volturi, a coven of powerful and ancient vampires.


All photos used on this page were taken by Felicia Gregg.





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