The Attalids and Rome

The Attalids were one of the most stable empires in the Hellenistic Era.  They were like by many people because they bought them over with gifts.  This gift giving really helped to get them on the good side of Rome.  It also helped that when Rome needed help for the few times it was in trouble the Attalids stuck by them.  A good comparison of their relationship would be Rome is Batman while the Attalids are Robbin.  This alliance goes all the way until the Attalids give their empire to Rome to avoid a succession issue.
The Punic Wars:  Rome vs Carthage 1st war:  264-241 BC  Second war:  218-201 BC
Rome and Carthage were the two dominant power in the Mediterranean.  Rome wins, and defeats Carthage while completely destroying them in the process.  The alliances are the key to connecting this to the hellenistic world. The Attalids side with Rome, which in the end brought them a smooth transition into the Roman Empire.  The Antigonids fought with Carthage, which contributed to their collapse.
Carthage was completely destroyed followed with repercussions for its allies.
The Macedonian Wars:  Rome vs Macedon  1st:  214-205 BC  second war:  200-196 BC
1st war:  the Attalids and Rhodes aid Rome in fighting the Antigonids,who is ruled by Philip V.  This war is going on at the same time as the Punic Wars.  Which goes to show that Rome was a super power in the Mediterranean.  When Rome steps in they defeat Philip V.
2nd war:  Attalids and Rhodes tell Rome of a “Treaty” between Philip and Antiochus, the Antigonids and the Seleucids.  Rome steps in and defeats the Seleucids.  By aiding Rome, Rhodes and the Attalids were granted land that was taken from the Seleucids.  After Rome defeats the Seleucids they go out of the picture for a little bit.
Seleucid War:  Rome vs Antiochus
Aeolians let Antiochus in against Rome.   they did this because they were not happy with what they got when Rome previously defeated the Seleucids.  Rome responded by defeated him and taking some of his land and giving it to the Attalids
Eumenes the III is the emperor who gave the Attalid empire to the Romans.  He did this for one good reason that being that he wanted to avoid a succession issue.  He also, by various accounts, had other things on his mind such as botany and other “unmanly” hobbies.  The transition to the Roman Republic went very smoothly because of their past alliances.  Pergamon, the Attalids, became a roman providence  that was treated well because they always supported the Romans.

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