The people of Sparta

One of the reasons one might go to Sparta would be to see its people. All of the men in this city are brought up to be soldiers. All the men do get a basic education learning how to read and write but after that they are soldiers first. The Spartan women were educated as well but they themselves were not given military training.

Ancient ruins of Sparta

Both men and women however trained in the same place completely naked. For this reason the Spartan people were in good shape and were very beautiful.

How to get there

It is easier to get to Sparta by ship. If you do so, you might want to stop at the city of Helos before traveling up the Eurotas River. You will need to sail a good distance inland before you will come to Sparta. No matter what direction you are coming from, this river will get you there.

Why would you come here?

There is not much to see in Sparta other than its artwork and the people themselves. If you were to travel to ancient Sparta you should go see the workouts. Other than that there aren’t many famous locations in Sparta to see. These are a fascinating people with an incredible military. The language of the people of Sparta was simple and did most of their speaking with their actions. In this city it’s not what you will see there but who you will see there.


Spartans exercising nude


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