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MEGARA: Geography

Megara is an important commercial polis along the Attica, and along the Isthmus of Corinth. It lies along the coast of the Megarian Bay, and as such is close to the well known island , Salamis. Proximity to the sea would enable to be better traders and access more goods through the ocean.  Their main polis in Attica was not their only territory, as they had colonies in the cities of Byzantium and Chalcedon.

MEGARA: Life in the Polis

Megara was more of a traditional polis when compared to that of Athens and Sparta. They had a monarchy, coinage, and public works programs. Men worked and Women stayed inside like a typical Greek home set up. As an maritime economy focused polis, they would trade overseas and ship goods. One of their most important exports were textiles, that would then be sent out across the Aegean.

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Modern ruins in the former location of the Polis.

MEGARA: Role in the World

Megara is often involved with Athens, their much stronger neighbor. Notoriously the Athenian forces took the island of Salamis from Megara in the year 570 B.C.E.. Disagreements between the two caused a trade embargo by Athens in the year 432 B.C.E.. Not being one of the bigger polis’, Megara was often in the role of the sidelines to the bigger forces of Athens and Sparta. During the the Peloponnesian  war, between Athens and Sparta, they were under the rule of the Athenian empire.

MEGARA: Notable  People

The Aqueduct of  Megara was one of their standout constructions, built by the architect Eupalinos. The city was never without water due to this innovation. Herodotus mentions him as a Megaran who also helped build a large tunnel on Samos known as the Tunnel of Eupalinos. Another man named Euclid of Megara is notable to the polis for founding their philosophic school. He was a student of Socrates and would help inspire future philosophers, such as Diodorus of Cronus. Diodorus of Cronus in turn was a Megaran philosopher as well, who was written about for his work in logic. None of his works remain however, so not much more can be concluded.

MEGARA: Current Day

Today Megara is considered a quiet supurb of a very modern metropolitan Athens. Megara is a major centre for farming and poultry raising. The city has benefited from the rapid industrialization of the coastal areas from Piraeus to Corinth. Megara is considered a quick getaway destination by Athenians. The Kinetta Beach Resort is a popular is a popular place to go and stay. Another place to visit is the Archaeological Museum of Megara. This museum is dedicated to teaching visitors on how unearthed and carefully preserved pottery, artifacts and buildings tell the story of Megara. Another museum that exists there mostly focuses on the present and future of Megara. The Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos is a museum the provides educational programs for children and the community.


Archaeological museum of megara