Temple of Asclepian
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1) Who would you meet?

In ancient Epidauros the people recorded that lived there were the Ionians who Herodotus believed were the descendants of the Athenians. The Ionians were one of the four major tribes that divided Greece which also included the Dorians, Aeolians, and Achaeans. They were also one of the three prevailing dialects in the region. After the Ionians lost power, the Dorians claimed the land and converted the dialect to theirs. Other than the ruling group of that time you will meet travelers from all over Greece who wanted to visit the Theatre of Epidauros or have come to have an aliment cured at the Temple of Asclepius.

Fun Fact: You were more likely to meet a traveler than a native of Epidauros due to the fact of the popularity of the Healing Temple of Asclepian and the well-known theater

2) How would you get there?

Travelers would have a choice to either go by land or by sea. According to Orbis if traveling by land and doing so by foot it would take approximately seventy-six days going the fastest route with Rome as your starting point. If traveling by land and in a cart it would take approximately one hundred and ninety days again taking the fastest route. If traveling by boat on the coast line in the daytime it would take approximately thirty three days. And lastly the fastest route in by open sea which would take approximately ten days.

Body Parts

Offerings of Terracotta Body Parts
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3) Why would you go there?

Epidauros was first known for the Temple of Asclepius. The Temple was also called the Asclepieion. The Asclepieion was a temple of healing dedicated to Asclepius the god of healing. This temple was used as a healing center for those who wished to have aliments cured by Asclepius the son of Apollo. Supposedly while you were dreaming Asclepius would send one of his snakes to bite the area you wished cured. After waking up and remembering this dream you would be cured of your aliment. Another reason people would travel to Epidarous is the theater located there. The theater was of Greek design built around 300 to 340 BC. It held around 11,750 to 14,700 people and had renovations done multiple times.

Fun Fact: People would bring terracotta statues of the parts they wanted cured as offerings thus arms, legs, and other body parts were sold to those going to be cured.

Theater at Epi

Theater at Epidaurus
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4) What is it like?

There is not a lot of information on the description of ancient Epidarous. It was said though that Epidarous was once a very obscure place that did not have a lot of tourism. The healing abilities present in the Temple of Asclepius were only told by word of mouth but eventually became very popular.

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