Alexis Jackson, Christine, Cheyenne C

Mythical connection:

In the mythical origin of Corinth, the city was founded by King Sisyphus. It is said that Sisyphus was a deceitful and cruel man that tricked and betrayed Zeus himself. Another important king in Corinithian myth is Bellerophon, grandson of Sisyphus. Bellerophon was known for his Pegasus (found of Corinthian coins) and for slaying the evil Chimera. Corinth is also known the settling place of Jason, the hero from the Golden Fleece myth. The real life poet and player Arion has a myth around him that takes place partly in Corinth.


Corinth is one of the oldest of the Ancient Greek poleis, with the first signs of habitation in the Neolithic period, about 5000 BCE.  The history is a bit obscure until we get to the 8th century with the Bacchiadae, the ruling family until around 657 BCE when the tyrant Cypselus came into power.

Home Life:

  • People there:
    • Men:
      • Work in shipping and trade
        • Pottery, vases, and statues for resources
      • Good craftsmen
      • Some were killed by Romans
    • Women:
      • Housewives
      • Temple prostitutes
      • And children sold into slavery by Romans
    • Children:
      • Most go to school for most of the day and some boys would go to military school. 
      • Greece always had wars and small battles so troops start their training around 7 years old
      • Girls go to normal schools or stay at home to learn how to take care of a household
      • They were able to learn some math, but they only go to school for a few years
      • Children also go with their parents to temples, the Agora. They wouldn’t usually go to the theatre because that was for the adults.
      • If one were to visit they would see a lot of squatters
    • trading:
      • Because Corinth has one of the main canals of Greece connected to it, foreigners came to the city to pick up supplies; it gives Corinthians a chance to trade with them and many people came to Corinth for job opportunities
      • Most trades happen at the Agora, which is a type of mall in Greece, and the supermarket, and since this is Corinth`s main line of work, you will see that almost all the stalls/stores are of handmade goods
      • A job that was taken very seriously was looking after the money in the bank, while others would go around the Agora/supermarket to make sure that money was being exchanged equally.
    • Leisure:
      • Adults would go to the Agora to get together with friends and chat, or they would go to a temple
      • The Temple of Apollo and The Temple of Aphrodite were very popular to go to to pray and worship the gods, who played a very important role in the Greek society.
      • The theatre, a main place for most adults to be during their free time, was also another place that was popular to spend free time.
        • The theatre was meant for both men and women, but the actors were always male.


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